Suzuki OM-300

Suzuki OM-300


A marble picking from my personal collection, you can assure this OM-300 has been graced & laced with only happy thoughts. With a big, booming sound (as it should be) and great chord button response (as it should be), this OM-300 will boil you and roil you in all the right ways (as it should be).

It is an extremely clean unit cosmetically, and in impeccable functioning order. Works with batteries, and comes with a power supply. Comes in its original hard case. 

Farewell, my friend, and go on with courage to your next home...

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What a delight it would have been to be there when Michelangelo painted "The Creation of Adam" - Suzuki OM-300 included! With the introduction of the final Omnichord that Suzuki would create (no, we don't count the Q-Chord), a wonderful array of religious themed marketing booklets & strumplate overlays followed.

The OM-300 is very nearly a re-skinned version of the OM-250m -- instead of a splay of colorful buttons along a jet-black Omnichord, we were gifted the sleek, sexy ivory body of the OM-300, sporting all of the same features as the 250m, and with no bother to introduce anything new!

Capping the family of Omnichord instruments, the OM-300 has beautiful "Omni" voicings (unlike the OM-100 and OM-200) to allow for a similar tone as the earlier OM-27, while also allowing for a host of other options - Harp, Celeste, Organ, Strings, etc., etc... David Bowie would, at the 9/11 Tribute Concert in New York City, sport this very unit on stage for a solo performance of "America", featuring the OM-300 on "Waltz" with the Strings section included.

Besides the tear-wiping beauty of the Bowie performances, the OM-300 is also one of the most prominently heard in popular music -- from the High Fidelity's "Omnichord Album", to Gorillaz, to Daniel Lanois, to Hosono Haruomi, the OM-300 has been used by a mind-bogglingly large list of musical freaks and geeks. Just keep your ear peeled, for no one knows the hour of the coming of the Omnichord...