Suzuki OM-250m

Suzuki OM-250m


This Omnichord arrived with sticky keys

Into our hands of darling care.

So we shucked it like an oyster to give it a cleaning

No more problems, I do declare!

Having been prodded and coddled

back to soaring health

it will remain safe in it’s Omnichord cradle

until you are ready to feel the supple rubber yourself.

Phenomenal condition is this hard-to-get model, the OM-250m. Has MIDI Output, works with batteries, comes with a power supply & hard case. NOSC Magnet complementary.

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The OM-250m — the O.G. “final form” of Omnichord ascendance. The thirty-first rung on the ladder of divine ascent. The bright, sweet-shining glow of Jesus, Elijah, Moses, and the OM-250m on Mount Tabor!

We can’t really figure out why Suzuki re-branded the OM-250m as the OM300, but we sure like the jet black shell & colorful buttons on the OM-250m. The predecessor to the OM-300 (the final Omnichord in Suzuki’s production line) has the full ringer of a Drum Fill button, MIDI Output, 10 switchable strumplate voicings, and a terrifically awful Demo button that plays “When The Saints Go Marching In” for what seems like an eternity. All of these features (no more, no less!) are seen on the OM-300, and I’ll even tell you the big secret: there is no difference between the components under the shell.

The OM-250m is the original, most assuredly genuine last of the Omnichords, and comes in retro color. A fine feat when you can find them, and a more stylistic alternative to the OM-300.

Has MIDI Output, 1/4” Audio Output, and works with 8 C-Cell batteries.