Suzuki Omnichord OM-36

Suzuki Omnichord OM-36


A hot and sweaty Omnichord that's just rip-roaring with fiery licks betwixt its loins! It's been all caged & ready to be loosed, just in time for the Christmas season! 

An OM36 in very nice condition. A wonderful sounding unit, clean & ivory fresh, and with boingy springs -- that means it works with batteries (not included). We've got in & tickled it from head to toe to clean up its chord buttons & make them nice & responsive.

Come in it's original Suzuki packing box, and with a power supply. The box has been battered and bruised with the passing of time, but hey - it keeps it warm and snug! Maybe we will add some stocking stuffers in with it to go with your order, too?

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Suzuki released System I and System II (The OM-36 and OM-84 respectively) as the second generation of Omnichords. The OM-36 is, we like to think, the unappreciated younger stepchild.

The OM-36, like the OM-84, is equipped with every note you could want, and can run the gambit with combined chords - by mastering the multi-touch chord technique, you can now create all sorts of sadboy chord structures like an F Major 7th, or a D Minor 7th! The OM-36 retains the simplicity of the original form with a simple, single knob for the strumplate sustain. The rhythm section boasts 10 total drum patterns, all of which are variable in tempo.

The OM-36 has a longer, more tasteful & graceful tail when you tickle it's strumplate with the sustain fully engaged. Between the slightly more magical sustain & the slight tonal difference (marginally more rounded & less pingy) this is one of our favorite models for swooning your slightly depressed boyfriend who goes pouting about his hopeless love poems.