We are not the only strumplate-slinging cowboys in this Wild West. There are a wealth of Omnichord resources online, around the world, for those seeking to further their knowledge & pursuit of Omnichord Nirvana. Below are some links that we think are just thrilling.


Keith Murray (KRM Audio) with a fascinating look into the innards of Omnichord synthesis.

Omnichord Heaven is an undeniably up-to-date and active fountain of Omnichord knowledge. I think they have been ignoring me for years! A phenomenal resource for Omnichordists on the other side of the pond.

I recently e-met Rob from what may be the first Omnichord blog ever made. A reasonably up-to-date and lovingly maintained blog with general info, from a fellow with the fiery sort of passion for the Omnichord that must be genetic.

A fascinating look into Omnichord components & repair attempt.

A nice general write-up of the Omnichord's role in modern music from an article a couple of years ago in Australian Musician. Might we note that you disregard the author's completely incorrect assertion in the opening paragraphs that the OM-27 plays diminished and augmented chords, and that it has 12 chord options. That is patently false & misleading.

Pop's Music in Arizona is a thriving heartbeat for Q-chord enthusiasts anywhere. If you are looking to expand to the Q-chord realm, then Pops seems to us to be a good egg.