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The Fourteenth Annual That Ross Collier Soundfest 2019 #TFATRCSF2019

What’s that smell?? It’s THAT ROSS COLLIER SOUNDFEST 2019 #TFATRCSF2019! It’s back again - FRIDAY JUNE 28 and lots of friends (and soon to be enemies!) to boot.

This year’s SOUNDFEST is another annual chance for otherwise respectable folks to associate themselves with real stinkers. Come join in at the ASSCAP/BMI networking tent this year while you listen to wonderful music by @Heinous Orca, @Dutch Whisky, @HollyRedfordJones, and many more!!!

We are proud to announce that Nashville Omnichord Supply Co. will be featuring an OMNICHORD RAFFLE at this year’s soundfest!

This is a free event but raffle tickets are sold at the door. There is a maximum of purchases an individual can make… But you are encouraged to win more tickets through various deeds of banality at the festival itself. Join us & bring your lucky totems to the raffle, announced at 11 PM on June 28th!

Raffle winner must be present at time of drawing to receive their prize, a beautifully restored Omnichord from Nashville Omnichord Supply Co.

Earlier Event: November 23
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